technoPET Flakes


The manufacturing of recycled PET flakes has been the cornerstone of technoPET since its inception. The company produces a wide range of high-quality PET flakes for fiber-grade, PET Strap grade, PET Sheet & Preform. PET Flakes have been sought after by various industries from food packaging to textiles. The growing utilization of plastics in industrial and consumer applications worldwide, combined with consumers’ growing awareness of plastic recycling has led to an increase in demand for recycled plastic materials.

technoPET expertise in recycled PET flakes manufacturing allows for a sustainable approach to plastic recycling combining environmental awareness and cost-effectiveness.

In producing recycled PET flakes, technoPET utilizes its vast network of recycling centers to sort and separate the plastic raw materials by color and plastic type to avoid contamination in the manufacturing process. The company’s sustainable supply chain management system allows for the continued supply of PET bottles to its recycling centers and a production capacity of 300 metric tonnes per month.

The recycled PET flakes are available in a selection of colors such as green, clear and light blue, ready for immediate delivery to the company’s customers around the globe.

This rigorous approach is done manually so as to ensure a consistently low level of impurities; PVC bottle tops are also disregarded during sorting.

Once the sorting process is complete, the source materials are then grounded into flakes and are then washed and sterilized to remove further impurities in the final product.