technoPET sheet

Product Description:

APET English Name: Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate. Chemical name: Non Crystallized polyethylene Terephthalate , is a kind of plastic materials. APET plastic materials polyester sheet( PET SHEET) also known as hard polyester fabric, thermoplastic products. The scrap and waste recyclable, the chemical elements with paper carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, belonging to the degradable plastics. Packaging products made of this material discarded eventually into the water and carbon dioxide. 


APET environmental protection film is widely used in cosmetics, food, electronics, toys, printing and other industries packaging. Such as various kinds of blister packaging, folding box, rubber tube, window film etc.


Compared with the widely used PVC film, A-PET has the following advantages:
1.The proportion of light: the proportion of PET than PVC 1.33,1.38,3.7% lower proportion
2.High strength: PET film strength than PVC film is more than 20% higher, low-temperature
impact resistance performance is better, -40℃ capability brittle, so we usually use thinner than 10% film to replace PVC.
3.Good folding endurance. PET film does nor appear crease since crack like PVC, more suitable for the surface decoration of file etc.
4.APET film (PVC film with high transparency, especially shiny bluish) than the PVC film is good, more suitable for the exquisite packaging. PET products without pollution, crystal, high transparency, good smoothness, strong impact resistance, can widely film according to customer requirements.